Friday, September 25, 2009

A city of murals

Sea Wall andcountry drive 074 The folks of Cape Girardeau must really like their murals. There is a long sea wall along the banks of the river, presumably to protect the city when the river floods (anyway, that would be my guess). The city side of the wall is decorated with several murals, each blocks long. One section depicts the city’s heritage, another shows famous folks from Missouri. We haven’t seen all of the murals yet, but we did notice that quite a few buildings also have artwork painted on their walls. Conventional artwork,not graffiti. Here are a few pictures from the section on famous folks, and then a few pictures taken as we drove through farm land, just enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

Sea Wall andcountry drive 073 Sea Wall andcountry drive 075

Sea Wall andcountry drive 069I haven’t seen these pictures on a full size screen yet, I only have access to a netbook. Can you see all the woodpecker holes in this tree? Its a wonder it is still upright.

Sea Wall andcountry drive 071Anyone have any idea what this pretty roadside weed is?


Justin Case said...

Well, I just messed up and lost my comment. Basically said glad all was not lost. I love watching the river activity. I hope you'll still get to visit Tom Sawyer for a couple of days--glad you were well enough to get out and that Lady Ann will be brand new for you to drive home.

If you want to stay out a few extra days, I could go up to feed the pups and let them out if the boys can leave a key.

Have fun--you're right lemons to lemonade.

Jeanne said...

Hi Gail,

I think the purple-flowered plant is swamp milkweed, a member of the asclepias family. Butterflies love it!