Monday, May 15, 2006

Cobwebs of the mind

Ever find yourself spinning your wheels because there are so many things to be done that you don't know where to start? That seems to be my normal state of being. I have been debating whether to start slicing and dicing fabric to have ready for a 'leaders and enders' quilt that I want to do, or, working on a WIP/UFO. A while back I participated in an online block swap - now I have to decide how to set the blocks into a top. The blocks were dimensional bow tie blocks. Swap guidelines required unbleached muslin(for signing/background) and Civil War reproduction fabrics (or other pre-1900 fabrics), and the block had to be sewn on a 'people powered' machine dating from before 1900. This was a fun project and the blocks that I received were wonderful. Now I have to figure out how to set them. I tried several layouts, one of which is shown here. This won't make much more than a crib size. I'm thinking alternating blocks or sashing. I plan to finish assembling the quilt on my 1898 Singer hand crank. I don't promise to hand quilt it though! I keep hoping that the solution will suddenly come to me......I keep is still a UFO.

Meanwhile, on the home front the house was really hopping yesterday. All the boys and their families arrived with bags and bags of food. I think that we may have had more food than at Thanksgiving last year! Everyone brought their own meat, then one brought veggies, one dessert another appetizers. I swear they must have used every dish in the kitchen. But they also brought Mother's day cards and flowers.....and candy. The boys assembled a little grill, the girls and I chatted up a storm and giggled lots and the kids ran around the yard and played computer games, whooping and hollering. A very nice mothers day treat. And then suddenly, they were all gone, all leaving at the same time and the house was emptier and more quiet than before. We both slept soundly last night, and I'm sure that I had a big smile on my face all night.


tami said...

Very nice blocks. I like that layout. Maybe you could make more blocks and get them signed by other friends and family to make it bigger.

Susan said...

This layout gets my's one of my favorites. I have a picture in a book of another variation that I really like. Same setting only with a narrow sashing betweeen the blocks for a unique look.

Shelina said...

That spinning your wheels mood? I've been in it all year. Each quilt is calling me, and nobody is louder than the next. All the UFOs, all the kits, all the fabric set aside, all the quilts I see on various blogs. I am just working on SOMETHING everyday and hopefully something will eventually get done.