Saturday, May 27, 2006

Time is rushing by

Jim's leave is coming to an end, so things have been busy around here as we try to arrange outings and family dinners, starting physical therapy, etc.. Today I will have the grandkids so that David and his wife can join Jim and a friend at an outdoor event. I'm sure that I will be exhausted- the kids are very good, but there is a a reason that the young have children!

I look forward to having them and I hope that I can get the younger one down for a nap. My granddaughter has been asking to do some sewing each time she has visited. I can't supervise her on the sewing machine and watch the little one properly, so IF I can get him to nap, we will work on something. In the past year I've had her only twice without the little one along, and each time we made something. The first time she made a pillowcase for her bed, the second time we made a little quilt (very little) for her doll. Now she keeps wanting to sew some more-YIPPEE.

As for me, I did get a few minutes up in the sewing room the other day. I ran the PCQuilter a bit on my practice muslin. I have to take that off and put one of the quilts on and "git 'er done". I have about 11 tops waiting........and waiting. The pictures here are of one of the tops waiting - it was an online mystery quilt on Planet Patchwork a while back.

While up there I also made a very quick and primitive padded bag for our portable gps unit. I worried about it hitting against something and cracking the screen. I picked two ugly fat quarters (don't know where they came from, I KNOW that I didn't buy them) made a sandwich with batting in the middle, serged the edges then folded one end up to within about 4 inches of the other end, serged those sides, made corners at the bottom. The top 4 inches makes a flap over the top and the gps and its cords fit in quite well.

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Shelina said...

Oh I really like this quilt. Makes me dizzy, thinking about optical illusions and the works of Victor Vasarelly. Look what you've done - you've added yet another quilt to my to-do list.