Saturday, May 13, 2006

Trying to be inspired

Well, its been a week or so since I have done much quilt related. Yesterday I spent less than an hour doing some learning exercises on my PCQuilter. I want to get the practice muslin off and put on a top. I have quite a few waiting to be quilted. Have to just put one on and go to it instead of trying to learn everything perfectly first.
My quilt guild had a meeting earlier this week, and I took several of the tops I have made recently for 'show and tell'. At queen size, this is the largest. This one was designed by Dorothy Young who has a yahoo group to do her designs as mystery quilts. She excels at giving clear instructions for projects which have been tested several times and she manages to give lots of guidance without giving away the 'mystery'. This one Dorothy calls Magic Ribbons. Now I have to decide how to quilt this, but no rush on that, as I have several smaller ones to get started on first. I'll just work my way up to this one!
I don't know that I will have much of a chance to do much in the next few days, either. The Corporal will be home on leave before he deploys, and I imagine that we will be pretty busy 'visiting'. I know that tomorrow (Mother's Day) all three boys plan to be here with their families/girlfriends. I was informed that they would be using my grill and my table for a family gathering in my honor. No one mentioned who was supplying the food or doing the cooking..............should I start to worry?
I guess I'm just too distracted to feel very inspired. Besides all the family things going on, there are several projects I'd love to start, but I'm trying to be 'good' and finish off a couple of UFOs first. Trying to be 'good' is what always seems to get me 'stalled' instead of 'finished'. Somehow, I think that if I manage to get to anything quilty, its going to be something fun instead of *sigh* anything requiring self discipline.

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