Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hot and lazy days

Yes, yesterday it was close to 90 degrees and today wasn't much cooler. I had a lot of errands and chores to get done and the heat was draining. (no, we didn't put on the air conditioner...but we won't go there...) Anyway, today I finally got to do a little in the sewing room. I did a little of the Stashbusters counter sweep, putting some things away that were on various surfaces. Still more needs to go away, but its a start. Also was able to rehang my 'design wall' which consists of one of those fleece blankets you can get really cheap at Linens'n'things. I think this one was $5 or less and it is queen size. Blocks stick to it pretty well and when they don't, there are pins nearby. I'm still thinking about those bowtie blocks and have tried a couple of other layouts. You may notice an empty space......well, that's because I was so busy making blocks for the swap that I forgot to do an extra one for myself! DUH! I still have fabric and will make it when I go to join all these into a top. Also got all my b&w 4patches done for the stepping stone (Bonnie's) while I was at the sewing machine.


Helen in the UK said...

I prefer setting the bowties in the circular pattern. I'm sure they will look nice however they are set though :)

Mary said...

I also prefer the bowties in the circular pattern. That layout also leaves an open area for quilting.