Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The first step is...

OK, decided to get out of the stalled state and start...the first step is to make the first step, so...I pulled some whites and blacks from my stash, cut strips and have put the strips together. Got some seams pressed too before I had to go to a doctor appointment. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to cut them into smaller units to be constructed into 4patch blocks. Black and white strip sets aren't all that fascinating, so I won't post a picture. Looking forward to making some more progress tomorrow - even if I can just steal a few minutes between other obligations. Have thought about the bow tie blocks, and I think I will make 4 more to be put as corners of borders. The existing blocks are 8" squares, so that big a border all around will get it to almost 50" square. Not firm in that decision yet, but thinking along those lines.

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